Our products:

-Heating element ; our standard products: 

-Ceramic infrared heater ; standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/Ceramics-infrared-heating 

-Immersion heater ; standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/Water-and-Oil-Heaters

-Chemical bath immersion heater ; our standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/Chemical-bath-immersion-heater

-Drum heater ; our standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/drum-heaters

-Cartridge heater ; our standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/cartridge-heater

-Circulation heaters

-Fin elements (air and gas) ; our standard products: https://webshop.futoszalak.hu/en/Fin-elements

-Heating cables and blankets

-Industrial heating elements for kitchen ; standard products: 

Since 2013, Szinimpex Ltd. has been offering various electric heating filaments, heating pads, ceramic infra panels within the whole scope of the industry, both in case of individual orders and in series production as well. On request, it is possible to order the items with individual number of pieces (even up to outputs reaching several thousands of W)

We also undertake the production of special heating pads while providing confirmed quality.

In 2016, we expanded our product range with new items within various fields of the industry.

Our company undertakes the production of such blast-proof heating pads that possess acknowledged certificates.

In case you have any further questions about the products offered by us or if you wish to ask for a price quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following ways:


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